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Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

As a team, we believe in the power of continuous development and  we are aware of the importance of putting HUMAN at the center of our organization. We aim to create opportunities where our colleagues can develop themselves and reveal their potential.

While planning the future of Super Film, we are aware that we have to manage our current talents according to our growth strategies. We aim to employ candidates who are willing to embrace the principle of cooperation, being flexible, being a good team player as well as willingness for research and development.  Our goal is to become

an institution, that is preferred by strong talents and that signs powerful projects which will make a difference.

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Our Policies

Factors that Determines Our Human Resources Strategy


  • To create sustainable systems with the power of experience and the dynamism of young people while designing the future.
  • Being aware of the importance of flexibility as a team in a rapidly changing world.
  • To demonstrate fair and equal approaches to our employees in our practices.
  • Believing that information sharing, reliability, transparent communication and experience sharing increase the strength of our team.
  • We believe that sharing and rewarding the achievements of our employees increases our team spirit.
  • To increase the competence, cooperation and satisfaction of all employees by seeing all units as our strategic business partners.

Our Expectations from Employees

  • Focus on positive thinking and finding solutions
  • Take full responsibility for the tasks undertaken
  • Not be satisfied with current performance and look for further achievement
  • Understand the power of teamwork
  • Be an example to others with your personal quality
  • Comply to company’s privacy policy in all circumstances
  • To be fair and honest in all our work
  • To protect and prioritize the interests of SANKO
  • Acting in accordance with laws and rules

All job applications that are made through page or through our own application form, will be evaluated without any discrimination, and with a transparent understanding based on equal opportunity,


We use human resources tools such as technical interviews, human resources interviews, aptitude tests, English exams, and personality tests to find the best and most qualified candidates in line with our corporate strategy. We then complete our processes with candidates who are enthusiastic about learning and development and who will add value to our company. We definitely provide feedback to all candidates about the status of process. After the recruitment, the process is completed with the institution and department orientation plan.

  • Applications

    Applications can be made directly to our human resources department by making an appointment or an announcement given by the company, or it can be done via the internet. Our Human Resources department can make the necessary evaluations and invite the candidates it deems appropriate for a job interview. Other steps are followed according to the result of the meeting. Foreign Language, General Ability and Personality tests can be applied when neccessary in job applications.

  • Performance Evaluation

  • Educations

  • Internship opportunities

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