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Our Memberships of Sustainability Principle

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As an active stakeholder in the CEFLEX initiative, we follow ‘Design for a Circular Economy’ guidelines, considering both flexible packaging and the “End of Life” infrastructure to collect, sort and recycle. We identify and stimulate sustainable end markets for the secondary materials recycled from flexible packaging. We aim to propose sustainable business cases that supports the development of the circular economy in which flexible packaging is seen as a relevant and responsible packaging choice. We are monitoring development of collection, sorting and reprocessing infrastructure for post-consumer flexible packaging 

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Bopet Films Europe

BOPET Films Europe aims to promote the value of BOPET film in flexible packaging applications as well as in the wide range of long life, technically demanding industrial applications, where BOPET films’ unique set of material properties are relied upon. The key focus of our activities is the research and promotion of end life options aimed at boosting the circularity of all end markets. 

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Super Film is an EU-type member of SEDEX and takes part in the “Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Programme” (CSR) and follows the rules of SEDEX’s ethical and sustainability methodology. We also successfully completed the audits in the last period. 

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We joined the global multi-participant project NEXTLOOPP, to address a missing link in the plastics recycling stream - Polypropylene (PP).

PP accounts for around 20 percent of the world’s plastic. Mostly used in pots, tubs, trays and films for food packaging, it is also prevalent in nonfood household and personal care products, which complicates recycling the 700,000 tons/ annum used in the UK alone. Currently PP packaging is either going to waste, to energy, landfill or being down- cycled into low-performance applications, wasting precious resources.

Furthermore, the absence of food-grade recycled PP (FGrPP) means that all PP food packaging is currently made from virgin plastics.