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Our Policy



In all our processes; as an organization that focuses on its customers and stakeholders, constantly developing by taking into account the principles and requirements of Quality, Food Safety, Environment and OHS Management Systems;

- We declare and undertake to comply with national and international legal regulations and other conditions, to provide the necessary information and resources with an integrated management system based on continuous improvement.

- To meet the needs and expectations of our customers by using a sustainable model and continuous improvement methods,

- To ensure the effective participation and awareness of employees,

- To keep our working environment healthy and safe in accordance with OHS requirements,

- To work to reduce and prevent pollution in line with the environmental factors we target,

- We are committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure the theoretical, practical and physical conditions required for management systems and good production practices.

In our products and all our processes;

- By using natural resources efficiently,

- By realizing design activities in line with environmentally friendly technologies and practices,

- By procuring products and services according to environmental dimensions criteria,

- We carry out our activities by raising the awareness of employees on natural resource consumption.

We work with all our strength to be an exemplary organization in our sector by managing all these activities in an integrated manner with Quality, Food Safety, Environment and OHS Management Systems.

General Manager

Fahri ÖZER




At Süper Film Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.Ş., we aim to increase our energy efficiency in our operations, reduce our energy costs and promote long-term environmental and economic sustainability. We also aim and undertake;

We will ensure continuous improvement of energy performance and EnMS,

We will use information and necessary resources to achieve the goals and energy targets,

We will comply with legal and other requirements regarding energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption,

We will consider energy performance during the design and improvement of facilities, equipment, systems and processes,

We will use technology to improve energy performance,

We will ensure the supply of energy efficient systems, products and services that impact energy performance,

We will cooperate with suppliers on energy efficiency,

We will support the utilization of renewable energy sources.

General Manager

Fahri ÖZER



Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) Politikası