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Our Sustainable Principles

We are growing with sustainable principles…

We believe that responsible production and consumption are essential in order to provide a bright future for our children. We adapt new strategies with the philosophy of consuming less and converting more, we contribute to the circular economy with sustainable and innovative products, we work to increase efficiency in our processes.  

In accordance with the “Designs for the Circular Economy” guidelines, we develop sustainable business models by following practices where existing and recently developed products are collected, sorted, recycled and returned to the economy with competitive quality and prices for potential end markets.  

We are dedicated to reduce carbon footprint of the flexible packaging materials we produce by using raw materials from renewable resources or recycled. We conduct all these activities under the coordination and governance of our Sustainability Committee 

Yüksek Verimlilik

We produce with high efficiency.

Enerji Kaynaklarını

We use energy resources responsibly and support the use of renewable resources.

Geri Dönüştüreblir

We consume reusable raw materials

Çevreye katkı için proje tasarlarız.

We design projects to contribute to the environment.

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We reduce our waste and recycle what is possible.

Tekrar Kullanılabilir

We use renewable and sustainable raw material resources.

Tüm Süreçlerimizde

We apply these principles in all our processes.

Yenilenebilir Ve Sürdürebilir

We use renewable and sustainable raw material resources.

Ürünlerimizin Yaşam Döngüsü

We contribute to the circular economy by extending the life cycles of our products.

Döngüsel Ekonomi

We design suitable products for the circular economy.